Tlos Space Wide (SW) Tlos Space Wide (SW)

Tlos SW Distributed IT Workload Automation Solution

Tlos Logo   Tlos SW is known as the Big brother of Tlos Lite Job Scheduler...

Main Features 

- Distributed Workflow Automation
- Parameter passing
- New job types including Webservice, DB Stored Procedures, Free SQL Sentences..
- User and role based security
- Intelligent Decision Support System for job management
- Intelligent Resource planning
- Easy handling of complex calendars
- Open XML technology

For today's increasingly challenging competitive environment and ever-changing business conditions for enterprises, execution of batch jobs that run on a specific schedules does not completely fullfill the expectations.

- Cloud and virtualization are forcing convergence of traditional areas of automation:
Application and infrastructure inter-dependencies are becoming increasingly dynamic and complex.
A process-centric approach is needed for managing IT across multiple application areas on a single infrastructure.

- Tlos SW IT Automation Solution provides end-to-end capability and visibility into your business processes.
One solution for all your automation needs.

With Tlos SW IT Automation Solution you can
- Simplfy IT Processes 
- Manage the execution of end-to-end process flows to meet required service levels
- Eliminate cost and complexity of managing multiple tools, systems
- Free staff for more productive work.
- Improve service delivery.

Tlos SW IT Autiomation Solution ; just dream&do it.

The other features and resources please click the  product webpage.

Some features of new Tlos SW

Jobs and their dependencies

Figure 1 - Jobs and their dependencies

Jobs can be dependent to each other, therefore it is necessary to manage these dependencies with a sophisticated management engine.

Job states

Figure 2 - Job states

A state is a very well defined job property. Every step in a job lifetime is a state.

Outlined software architect of Tlos SW

Figure 3 - Outlined software architect of Tlos SW

Tlos SW has a very complicated software architecture. But we can show its structure in a short draft.

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