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Tlos IT Workload Automation Engine, Job Scheduler Solution

Likya Teknoloji develops solutions around its products. Our products and services are continuously improved to suit your needs.

Our products include:

  • Tlos Automation Engine – is completely a new approach to scalable automation engine in the industry. Providing J2EE power to all platform including; Windows, Unix, MacOS etc. and its proven stability and scalibility brings end-to-end process automation across physical, and virtual computing environments.
  • Tlos Workload Manager – brings a single point of view to orchestrate end-to-end workloads across your cluster of computers.

What can be done with our products;

  • Job Scheduling,
  • Workload Automation,
  • Automatic Error Free File Transfer,
  • Integration of different ETLs on different products at the different Operationg Systems.
  • Eliminate manual workflow reducing human errors.
  • Auditing complete IT operations with answering all the questions such as; when, who, how?
  • Ability to define complex job calendars.

only a few ...

For the details of our products please click the links below

Tlos Lite Central Process Automation Solution
Tlos SW Distributed IT Workload Automation Solution

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